The Medium Is The Message? Damn Right It is.


Last week (I only got internet now) in BCM112, we were learning about how “The Medium Is The Message”, and frankly, the concept is a really interesting one, because if you look into it, nowadays, a video is the best way to get a message across. Things that go viral and have powerful messages are usually Facebook videos, or YouTube videos. A feature article in a newspaper or a magazine ad never really does the job anymore.

The imgur meme I made above plays on the idea about the medium is the message, as we were told about the history of media mediums, and the obsolete, highly inconvenient papyrus scroll. And knowing that there a lot of GoT fans out here at UOW… this is what I came up with. Bad Luck Brian ordered the GoT series off eBay, only to receive the “special” papyrus scroll edition, pretty self explanatory 😀


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