Watch, but don’t touch! Copyright structures and industry control…what?


This was pretty much my face throughout the whole 2 hour lecture this week on copyright. In one of my other subjects, CAMS103 (Intro to Audio Production), we are also learning about a form of copyright issues – music sampling in the 80s onward and remixing… and that makes sense to me.

But in BCM112, for some inexplicable reason, I’m having trouble grasping the concept in terms of the subject. Maybe it’s because the content of End User License Agreements and the Statute of Queen Anne is a lot less interesting than learning about different mediums of media like we did last week? Although I understand how copyright has had massive effects on the preservation of intellectual property of the creators, all the in-between information seems mundane to me, things such as the concept of consolidation get lost on me, and I feel a little worried that I won’t understand it, but there’s no question I’ll try my damn hardest to… on we march in BCM112!


One Comment

  1. I agree with you, sometimes learning such complicated topics such as the long history of copyright can come across as gibberish and can tend to be substantially boring. Something that help’s me understand a topic when I’m not fully understanding it’s concept, is to read all the other students blog posts. Some do a surprisingly great job at summarizing and/or stating examples of the word’s and ideas that may be causing confusion. Maybe give it a try!
    I enjoy that you put your personal feelings into this post, no need to pretend you understand if you don’t!



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