Facebook: Journalisms Newest Avenue

Photo: thedailybeast.com

Photo: thedailybeast.com

Facebook has long been on the throne as one of the most powerful social media platforms around- but what happens as they splice journalism and social interaction into one entity?

Facebook is set to release their newest feature – Instant Articles. If you are not aware, Facebook is arguably one of the most powerful news delivery services there is – even if it doesn’t fully intend to be. The ridiculously high amount of people and content on Facebook naturally creates a whirlwind of opinion and debate, caused by the circulation of news articles and trending topics that Facebook is home to.


The “trending” sidebar on my personal Facebook on Sunday, 24th of May.

In short, the new instant articles feature has contracted 9 news outlets, and their content will be accessible and fully interactive in the Facebook mobile app, you can like, share and/or comment on certain parts of an article, all without leaving the app.

The aim of course, is to create a win-win situation for both the users AND media outlets, however this will change how audiences interact with content rather than how they use Facebook itself.

There are concerns with instant articles as well; being a powerful company/brand, Facebook is always looking to gain the upper hand in any agreements they forge, and they have sometimes done this in stealth – luring brands in with attractive deals, only to change the terms later. Some people are claiming that this will just be another chapter in which Facebook will look to milk the companies for all they have through attraction, and then desertion (in which they change their algorithms, which then begin to favour them financially.)

Facebook seems to be gaining a head of steam in the journalism industry, these are the early days of their newest venture into said industry, where will this lead? A fully integrated Facebook news site? The demise of the traditional news outlet? Time will tell.


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