Philosophy of Journalism Statement

I’m one of the most passionate NBA fans you’ll ever meet. I eat, breathe, live basketball. With that being said, I would love to be a professional basketball player somehow, someway, but with the likelihood of that declining, I decided to come into uni to study journalism. If playing doesn’t end up happening, I hope to be a sports journalist, specifically covering the NBA. I hope to complete my journalism degree and gain all the skills I need to be a successful sports writer. I love venting my opinion to people, and I think at this point, they are sick of hearing me talk about the NBA, so I thought, “why not write about it?”

I want sports journalism to be a lifestyle for me, and eventually, I want to be able to live in the USA and cover the NBA from there, I want sports journalism to provide a life for me in which I am able to make a living on going to games daily, and writing pieces on the hottest issues of the league.

I feel that I’m up to the challenge of gaining all the necessary skills to be able to live out my journalism hopes and dreams, and what motivates me is the amount of rubbish and biased articles coming from major sports media outlets, I feel that if I can get to that level, I’ll be able to write the most informed, balanced articles, and in terms of aspirations, working for one of those major outlets such as Bleacher Report, Fox Sports, Yahoo! Sports, or even ESPN and becoming a full-time sports journalist would be a dream come true. So far, the JRNL101 course has been helpful in teaching me how to write engaging stories, and I have discovered that I was a much more talented photography than I initially anticipated.

All this being said, I’m keen to soak the information up like a sponge and live out my dream!


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