Week 4 Module – Reflection

Source: pixabay.com

Source: pixabay.com

Choosing the subject of my audio piece was surprisingly difficult – I had to choose between the safe option (a friend who finds comfort in, and thoroughly enjoys being a DJ) or a more difficult story (another friend who experienced a sudden family loss when he was younger). Ultimately I chose the safer option, as I felt that 1 minute was too short a time for me to create an effective piece, as well as giving the more extreme story the justice it needed for it to have impact.

While weighing the options and angles to take in the story about my DJ friend, I wanted to conduct an in-depth interview and pick and choose 2-4 quotes that I felt didn’t tell the listener too much about him, while at the same time saying everything about him. I wanted to leave something to the imagination, and have people asking some questions after it was done.

Overall, I wanted to keep it simple, with a light mood. The quotes that I ended up choosing and putting into the audio piece, I feel, showcased the emotion and enjoyment of his hobby, and gave him the right amount of character relevant to the time limit. While not too emotional, I feel that my piece captures his passion – without giving too much away.


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