The medium may change – but the reality wont

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 8.06.24 AM.png

The invention of the telegraph set the wheels in motion for what would eventually become the complex global communications that we have now. The tangible aspect of words and messages containing information was completely flipped on its head as we were suddenly able to wire these messages across the world and under the sea and wherever else.

But if there’s one thing you could be sure of – it’s that the social interactions never really differ between the first telegraph and the newest iPhone. People ghost your calls/telegraphs, and that girl you fancy? Maybe she just wanted to friends. Hopefully the dots and dashes don’t break your heart.


One Comment

  1. LOOOOOOL at the meme. Succinct and clever commentary on Ted’s point that as far as we’ve come, we’re still in the same age we were telegraph wise, which is the age where information and materiality are not dependent upon one another.



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