The Cyberspace Legacy

After going through the lecture this week – I couldn’t stop relating back to the fact that my generation are the ones who grew up ALONG with the internet – when we were born in the mid 90’s, the internet was in a sort of primitive stage amongst the public. It was prevalent, but nowhere near fulfilling its potential.

A cyberspace is a “virtual space created by interconnected computers and networks on the Internet”, and I feel that that term was born along with us. In 2007, as Facebook exploded in popularity amongst the globe – we were the first mass generation of teenagers to be growing up on social media.

I then got to thinking – well since we have grown up alongside this cyberspace, we have probably detailed an insane amount of information of the years, and it made me feel a little worried, for what? I don’t know. The idea that all my information from when I was about 11 to now is pretty much all online and always will be accessible is a little daunting… but what do I have to hide? Nothing, until I don’t know it.


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