JRNL102 Storify Report

Credit: WSJ.com

Credit: WSJ.com

Here is the link to my Storify report on the rise of the “chat-app” in contemporary journalism:



Solace in Songs

EDM DJ’s get a lot of ridicule these days, the stigma attached to being a DJ is that you go up on stage behind a pair of turntables, plug in a USB, press a few buttons for an hour and that’s the be all and end all.

What people fail to realise that a lot more goes into it. I spoke to UOW student Chris Henderson-Matuschka about his passion for his craft, what he aims to do as a DJ, among a couple of other things. Just in his voice you can tell how much passion he has for DJing, and it was amazing to hear what he had to say, I hope you enjoy.

Week 5 Module (Part 1) – Audio Piece Review

“Not Like Other Teenagers”


This audio piece was very minimal – but that worked as a strength within itself. While there were long pauses in between the times in which the subject was speaking, these pauses had a positive effect as it allowed the listener to absorb and process the quote, allowing it to have more impact than it would if it were part of a bigger sentence. There isn’t much character development, but the short, snap quotes say a lot more about the subject and her enjoyment out on the ovals than perhaps one long statement would.

The use of ambient sounds add to the atmosphere of the piece, they are well recorded and put the listener right there in the middle of the oval. The added effects of child’s laughter add to the innocence of being a teenager and enjoying outdoors, and reinforce the notion that the subject is “not like other teenagers”.

The implementation of music with a positive sound only adds to the piece, making it easy and enjoyable to listen to, while telling an interesting story. The quotes and noises/music are at pretty good levels, and one does not drown out the other. This piece is really engaging and very well put together, and there was the right balance of interview material and ambient sounds/music.

Week 4 Module – Reflection

Source: pixabay.com

Source: pixabay.com

Choosing the subject of my audio piece was surprisingly difficult – I had to choose between the safe option (a friend who finds comfort in, and thoroughly enjoys being a DJ) or a more difficult story (another friend who experienced a sudden family loss when he was younger). Ultimately I chose the safer option, as I felt that 1 minute was too short a time for me to create an effective piece, as well as giving the more extreme story the justice it needed for it to have impact.

While weighing the options and angles to take in the story about my DJ friend, I wanted to conduct an in-depth interview and pick and choose 2-4 quotes that I felt didn’t tell the listener too much about him, while at the same time saying everything about him. I wanted to leave something to the imagination, and have people asking some questions after it was done.

Overall, I wanted to keep it simple, with a light mood. The quotes that I ended up choosing and putting into the audio piece, I feel, showcased the emotion and enjoyment of his hobby, and gave him the right amount of character relevant to the time limit. While not too emotional, I feel that my piece captures his passion – without giving too much away.