JRNL102 Assessment #2 – MDMA @ Uni

Below are the 3 aspects of the latest JRNL102 assessment; first the audio-visual piece, then the accompanying brief to the piece. At the bottom is the Storify link to my tweets sent out while completing the assessment. Enjoy!


MDMA: Under the Radar

*Due to the nature of the content, some voices have been altered to protect identity. All subjects consented to the final project and are aware that it is online. 

The issue of MDMA use amongst young adults trends in and out constantly. Earlier this year, as the latest MDMA related tragedy claimed the life of another Australian festival-goer, a debate sparked around the country, debating whether poor quality pills caused her death or whether she didn’t know enough about what she was taking. These two sides seem to constantly be at odds with each other, and more often then not, you’ll notices that the average Australian user of MDMA only uses the drug at large-scale musical events, rather than just the average weekend night out.

What hasn’t been explored enough though, is how the more consistent users approach the use of MDMA. I wanted to find out what uni students living with me here at UOW student residence Campus East thought about the drug, and their attitudes towards it. To do this I sought out to interview a regular user of MDMA; a user that takes MDMA on the usual uni night out, which is a Wednesday. Sometimes continuing use up through the weekend, and non-stop daily partying during that time, on what is aptly known as a “bender”.

Secondly, I managed to get in contact with the person who allegedly sells most of the MDMA powder/caps/pills that are in circulation throughout Campus East. To retain anonymity, I altered the voice and kept faces of everyone out of my audio-visual piece. What was interested about this dealer was that they seemed to genuinely care about whom they sold the drugs to. What also struck me was the knowledge that this person had about their own product. They knew where the MDMA came from, and how much was roughly in each cap/pill, although it is illegal activity, it seems that this dealer has more awareness and care for the people they sell to. They also revealed to me how much money they raise while undergoing this trade, saying that “on a good week, [I] can raise up to $5000!”

So enjoy my look into the world of MDMA through the eyes of uni students; through the eyes of a constant user, and a relentless seller of the drug.




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