Alternate Evolution: Technological Mutation in Drones Will Define the Future

The New Theory of Evolution?The theory of man usually dictates that our genetic makeup has been mutated, developed, and evolved into our current homosapien form from primitive apes, which later developed through about 6-7 major ‘forms’ before we reached what we now distinguish as “the modern human”. This evolution took millions of years, and obviously, we won’t be around to see what humans will be like even in 50,000-100,000 years, with no way to tell either.

With innovative gadgets now heavily and rapidly influencing media platforms, technologically, this unpredictable line of evolution is NO LONGER the case.

The rate of technological evolution is relatively predictable, even though there are many years of development for new advances, there is always an end goal, with aims and visions for what a new technology is meant to achieve. Take the iPhone for example:

“Today we’re introducing three revolutionary new products. Three things: a widescreen iPod with touch controls; a revolutionary mobile phone, a breakthrough Internet communications device. Are you getting it? These are not three separate devices! We are calling it iPhone!” – Steve Jobs, 2007

This quote by Steve Jobs introduced the very first iPhone in 2007 and is an example of relatively predictable technology. The clear goal was to mutate and evolve the typical mobile communications device into a melting pot of music, Internet, and phone features located on one handheld device. Naturally, this has now resulted in 24/7 access to the Internet, the evolution of early 3G in 2002 in Japan led to worldwide connectivity as we know it today.

In Thomas Freys’ article “192 Future Uses For Flying Drones”, as the name suggests, he brainstorms 192 potential (and optimistic) uses for drones in the not-so-distant future, separated into 8 different categories ranging from real estate and healthcare uses, all the way to military and vacation uses. Our natural instinct of curiosity plays a part in dreaming up these scenarios, but it is NOT POSSIBLE without the major technology; the drone. These proposed uses exemplify the prospect of healthy technological mutation, however there are other issues that could arise such as drone maintenance and control from “rogue drones”. Time will tell if these scenarios materialise and become mainstream issues.

While we currently treat our smartphones like a third hand, I feel that that is final stage in the mutation of mobile communications devices. The next major advance is sure to be the expanded, every-day incorporation of drones into society, and the issue as to whether we are ready to accept and maintain such a scenario.

The drones uses are seemingly infinite, and this is an extremely strong sign that the next step in technological evolution is upon us.

P.S. If you have 15 minutes, check out this brilliant feature by John Oliver on the issues of the United States’ current military use of predator drones, among some other factors in the use of drones:


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